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How To Apply and Get SMEDAN Registration Number With Actionable Steps

Getting certified as a business is important, this why you need to know how to apply and get SMEDAN registration number for your business. Here is how...

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how to apply and get SMEDAN registration number

Business owners are always hoping to promote their business and reach a new level in their revenue, one of the ways to make that happen is getting known. You can verify your business by knowing how to apply and get SMEDAN registration number.

The only way to make such a dream come true is by doing what they can to promote their businesses using effective and authentic methods.

Every business needs all the support they can get to continue running the business smoothly and steadily and that is where the Nigerian Federal Government survival fund scheme comes in.

The Survival Fund Scheme was created by the Nigerian Federal Government to help businesses, as we know that all SMEs in Africa need both intellectual and financial support to improve their business level.

For Nigerians to enjoy the MSMEs offer they have to register with SMEDAN to make this happen, they are allowed to benefit from the MSMEs mass registration program that is currently open in the country.

When you register your small business with SMEDAN you will become eligible to enjoy several benefits. One of these amazing benefits you will enjoy is getting your SMEDAN registration number.

When you have this unique number, you will be able to access several financial support schemes and training that were specially created for Nigerian SMEs.

This post will help you by showing you how to get your SMEDAN registration number

What is the SMEDAN Unique Identification Number?

Before you finally get your SMEDAN Unique Identification Number there are several steps you need to take to make things run smoothly.

Accessing the ready-made financial and intellectual support schemes for Nigerian SMEs you have to put some things in place.

The number one thing you will need first is a SMEDAN Unique Identification Number and also you will need to present the bank account details of your business.

And lastly, you will need to provide your business CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) number.

The SMEDAN Unique Identification Number also known as the SUIN, gives you access to the empowerment and entrepreneurship training scheme which was organized by the Nigerian Federal Government.

The SMEDAN registration number paves your way to accessing several opportunities, for example, you will need it to access the SMEDAN’s CGS (Conditional Grant Scheme) for small-scale and medium-scale enterprises.

This is the one scheme that allows you as a registered MSMEs to access up to N50,000 conditional grants to help improve the growth of businesses.

When you transact continuously you will be given your SMEDAN ID, this will open your way to larger MSMEs financial support programs.

The main purpose of the financial support schemes and training programs is to improve the development of all SMEs in Africa can never belittle.

This is the main reason why you should get your business registered with SMEDAN.

When you are done with the registration process, you will be offered your SMEDAN registration number and SMEDAN ID this will give you access to enjoy all the benefits of registering under SMEDAN.

The good news you will hear today is that you don’t need to pay for SMEDAN registration. It’s totally free!

How to Apply and Get SMEDAN Registration Number

Below is a step on how you can obtain your unique SMEDAN registration number:

  • First, visit the Official SMEDAN registration portal to register your business
  • Step up by filling out the form by putting down your personal and business information such as Name, BVN, Business Details, Phone Numbers, and others.
  • As soon as you are done with the registration it’s time you navigate to SMEDAN’s homepage
  • Go to the login page, input your email (the one you used for registration), and then use the password to access your certificate.
  • You will be sent an email which is to confirm your registration, this will entail your SMEDAN Unique Identification Number.
There is other information that you will need to provide for your registration form:
  • The service or products offered by your business
  • The Number of staff that your business has employed
  • CAC registration Status
  • The date the business was started
  • The type of business you run
  • The asset value of your business

The above are parts of the information you will need to have ready before you go for the SMEDAN registration.

Benefits of having a SMEDAN Registration Number

As I have mentioned above the unique SMEDAN registration number gives you access to several financial support benefits that are made open and available for Nigerian SMEs.

Below are a few parts of the benefits you will enjoy when you have your SMEDAN registration number:

Access Specially Created MSME Training Programs:

Your SMEDAN Unique Identification Number gives you admittance to tons of entrepreneurship training programs that have been uncommonly made to assist Nigerian SMEs with development.

There are assortments of training going from digital marketing to capacity building that are essential to the advancement of your business that have been included in these training programs.

Consequently, getting your SUIN gains you access to unlock the maximum potential of your business by using these training programs.


The contingent grant scheme coordinated by SMEDAN for Nigerian SMEs expects to help these businesses acquire the monetary support required for business growth and sustenance.

Your SMEDAN Unique Identification Number gives you admittance to this conditional grant which value is about N50,000.

Let’s be honest, all SMEs in the world, including the SMEs for Africa would value any type of monetary support offered to them.

Access To Private Priority Funding Programs:

Besides getting to Nigeria Federal Government support schemes for MSMEs, your SUIN gives you admittance to a few private need funding schemes.

This incorporates priority financing from International Funding Agencies.

There are lots of advantages that you can enjoy with your SMEDAN enrollment number and these are only a couple of them.

SMEDAN Registration Number Eligibility Criteria

Subsequent to reading the numerous advantages your business stands to enjoy with a SMEDAN registration number, you might be contemplating whether you are qualified or not.

You should realize that the qualification measures to make the most of SMEDAN’s advantages are very straightforward and simple.

To be honest, anybody with a micro-scale size, small-scale, or medium-scale business can apply.

However, as long as your business falls under the Nigeria MSME category, you are qualified to enlist with SMEDAN to get your SMEDAN Unique Identification Number.

As long as your business has around 250 workers or lower, you fall under the Nigeria MSME class.

This suggests that regardless of whether you are your only employee, you can in any case get your SUIN.

This infers that all business types going from fashion designing to manufacturing that fall under the Nigerian MSME category are qualified to get a SMEDAN registration number.

The SMEDAN MSME mass registration program is aimed at building up a large database of all MSMEs in Nigeria.


One thing to have in mind is how to apply and get SMEDAN registration number as soon as possible, since you have a business it will be of great help to you and your business.

With the SMEDAN registration number, you will open up access to several benefits that can help bring your business to a whole new level.

You will be able to grow your business and extend throughout the nation successfully with the help of Federal Government support.

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