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DotPay POS Review – How To Become An Agent With Top 3 Steps

Starting a POS business but unsure about the POS service provider to go for, here is a DotPay POS review to help you decide...

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In today’s fast-paced world, small or big businesses need reliable and efficient payment solutions to improve their customers’ transactions seamlessly. Our DotPay POS review will give you insights into the machine and how you can get it.

DotPay POS serves as an innovative and versatile point-of-sale (POS) system provider that caters to the help provide the needs of merchants across various industries.

With its wide range of features and user-friendly interface, DotPay POS improvise the way businesses handle transactions, ensuring convenience, security, and improved customer experiences.

Whether it’s for business usage or you are trying to set up a POS business, you’ll find this article helpful.

Without further talk, let’s hop in on the information you need to know on the DotPay POS review and how to apply.

About DotPay POS

DotPay is a child company under the parent company name of Dot Nation Trend, it is an agency banking and mobile money service, and it is currently owned and controlled by Changan RTS Microfinance Bank Limited.

dotpay review

About DotPay

DotPay POS is a managed, and secured Point Of Sales (POS) agency banking service device, it was created to help businesses expand and smoothen their transactions whether it is withdrawals, deposits, bill settlements or payments, local interbank transfer to waive visiting banks physically.

Being one of the best POS providers, we have decided on doing this DotPay POS review to reveal all you need to know about this provider.

DotPay Agent Requirements

Applying as an agent with DotPay to get its POS machines for transactions, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Must have an Identity card (National ID card, Voter’s card, etc.)
  • Have a working bank account
  • Business address (proof)
  • A Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Passport photograph
  • A guarantor to stand for you

DotPay POS Charges

It is important to note that every mobile money or POS merchant company has its own charges on each transaction, and so does DotPay, here is the DotPay POS review on charges:

The withdrawal of 5k costs N25

The withdrawal of 1ok costs N50

The withdrawal of 20k costs N100

To deposit, you need to pay N25 relatively (Flat rate)

How to Apply for DotPay POS as an Agent

To become an agent for DotPay using the POS machine, you’ll need to apply by doing these:

To get started, navigate to the website dotpay.africa

Click on the “Become an Agent” button

Input your correct personal information (name, email, address, and others)

Once done filling in the details, scroll down the page and click on Submit

Then you will have to wait for your request to be reviewed and approved, a mail will be sent to your registered email once there is an update.

DotPay app download

The DotPay is currently in development and will be rolled out on Google Play Store, the developers will update users on the website – it currently uses a web app.

Frequently Asked Questions about DotPay POS:

Here is a list of the frequently asked question on DotPay POS you might want to know answers to.

How do I contact DotPay Customer Care?

Customer numbers: 08061908723

WhatsApp: 08179456822

Twitter: dotpay_africa

Instagram: dot.pay.africa

Facebook: dotpay

How do I get my POS Machine?

For those who registered online, it might take up to two weeks to receive it via a courier service or an aggregator closest to your address. However, if you register in the office, you’ll get the machine immediately.

How long does it take to get verified?

After registration, it takes up to 24 hours to get verified by the DotPay team, but at the physical office, you’ll get verified immediately. DotPay POS review takes lesser depending on your choice of place of registration.

How does Agents training go?

They organize training from time to time for agents to help them understand how to use the opportunity to improve their financial state.


DotPay POS offers businesses a reliable, user-friendly, and secure payment solution that simplifies transactions and enhances the customer experience.

Its versatile hardware, seamless payment processing, user-friendly interface, robust inventory management, and emphasis on security make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and industries.

By making use of the DotPay POS, merchants can streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and build lasting relationships with their customers in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

We hope you find our DotPay POS review article helpful, and make good decisions generally.

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