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Bundle Africa Review – Informative Guide On the Improved App

Cryptocurrency is the new money, people are interested, to avoid scam, you should check out about the exchange platform and here is the Bundle Africa review...

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Bundle Africa Review

Cryptocurrency has gained significant popularity among Nigerians in recent times, with many people choosing to invest their money in digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. One main reason why people are investing in digital assets is because it seems to show potential profitability compared to other investment options, this is why we created the Bundle Africa review post to provide assistance.

Bundle Africa review

Finding legitimate platforms for your crypto transactions can be quite a challenge, as the internet is made up of scam websites wanting to scam unsuspecting crypto beginners. This is why we’re taking a closer look at the Bundle Africa review.

Introduction to the Bundle Africa Platform

Bundle Africa is an app originally designed as a social payment app for both cash transactions and cryptocurrencies. Its primary focus is on making crypto transactions quicker, more convenient, and secure, while also allowing seamless cash transactions.

Founded in 2019 by Yele Bademosi as a private company, the app aims to simplify crypto transactions, aided by its affiliation with Binance, a leading player in the cryptocurrency realm. One of the reasons you might want to be more interested in the Bundle Africa app due to its integrity.

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Moving on with the Bundle Africa review, let’s talk about the benefits of the Bundle Africa App.

Benefits of Using the Bundle Africa App

Let’s dive into the benefits this app brings to the table of users:

Swift Cash and Crypto Transactions

The app enables you to swiftly send, request, and receive both cash and cryptocurrencies within minutes, this ensures rapid and hassle-free transactions.

Easy wallet funding

You have the option to deposit cash through Cashlink, a peer-to-peer partner, or transfer cryptocurrencies from other wallets.

Cryptocurrency Trading

The process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies is streamlined, offering a choice from over 90 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum among others. Simply click the “Add Cash” button, input your local currency, and proceed with your purchase.

Saving and Investment option

The Bundle Africa App introduces the Bundle Vault feature, allowing you to save and earn interest on stable cryptocurrencies pegged to the US dollar. Interest rates can go as high as 15% on savings.

Payments to Non-Users of the Bundle App

A standout feature is the ability to send payments to individuals who aren’t registered with the Bundle App. Once sent, recipients can sign up and withdraw the funds once received, this is easy as the fund remains intact even without an existing account.

Moving on with the Bundle Africa review, let’s talk about the registration process.

Getting Started with Bundle Africa

Bundle Africa review

Bundle Africa App

To get an account on the Bundle Africa, follow the below steps:

Sign up on Website:

1. Visit the official website.

2. Enter your phone number and input the OTP code received.

3. Continue by providing your name, email, and other details.

4. Complete the process by clicking “Sign Up

Sign up on the App:

Access the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile device.

  1. Search for “Bundle Africa” and install the app.
  2. Open the app, enter your phone number, and input the OTP code.
  3. Proceed by providing your name, email, and other necessary information.
  4. Finalize the process by clicking “Sign Up”
Purchasing Cryptocurrencies with a Bundle App

Buying cryptocurrencies through the app is a straightforward process with these steps:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the “Asset” section.
  2. Click on “Buy” and input the desired amount for conversion to crypto.
  3. You can easily adjust the values to convert your cash into crypto assets.
  4. Confirm the transaction using your PIN. You’ll be charged, and the crypto amount will be credited to your digital wallet.

Daily Transaction Limits on Bundle Africa

Transaction limits for a day on Bundle are as follows:

KYC Level One:

– $50 limit on deposits and withdrawals in local currency (e.g. Naira).

– Withdrawals for cryptos like BTC, ETH, and BNB are capped at $50.

– No limit on crypto deposits even at level one.

KYC Level Two:

– $10,000 BUSD limit on deposits and withdrawals in local currency like Naira.

– No limit on crypto deposits in level two (unlimited deposits)

– Withdrawals for cryptos like BTC, BNB, and ETH are capped at $10,000 BUSD.

These limits align with the regulatory standards set by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

One of the important parts of the Bundle Africa review is customer service, let’s talk about it too.

Bundle Africa Customer Support

For any issues with the app, you can reach out to Bundle Africa through:

In Conclusion

If you’re seeking an app that can improve your cryptocurrency transactions seamlessly, Bundle Africa is worth a try. Our take on the Bundle Africa review suggests it’s a trustworthy choice for beginner and advanced crypto users.

It is worth knowing that crypto is volatile, you must take precautions while carrying out transactions.

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