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10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs – Discover Them

Want to grow your online business? Get more sales? Here are the top 10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs to experience growth...

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10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

Growing businesses nowadays require you to have a strong online presence to ensure success, if you are serious about growing that small business of yours then you must take online marketing as a way forward. To help you as a business owner we have 10 things every small business website needs.

Just as we all know that your website serves as a virtual storefront for your business in the online world, it promotes your brand, this makes it important for you to do everything needed to optimize it for both the users and search engines.

10 things every small business website needs

We’ll dive in by providing you with the top 10 things every small business website needs serving as a guide to growing your online business smoothly;

1. Responsive Web Design

One of the most important things to note before setting up a business website is the structure and design, making sure your business website is fast and responsive is something that will save you lots of money.

Knowing that your website users or business customers would need something well-designed and fast for them to easily use your services without glitches is worth it. Not only do users find it relaxing and helpful, but search engines do too, they’ll only rank responsive and fast websites.

It was also mentioned that people are impatient and that they might leave your website in 3 seconds if your website loads slow or have poor navigation, this would lead to negative review and loss of revenue, it is not something a business owner would want.

2. Clear and helpful content

Having a good number of content on your business website is going to help your business along the way, using the content you can easily help a needy customer and then market your product or services to them, they get helped, and you earn from their purchase, it’s a win-win situation.

Start by making your homepage stand out with the right information, make sure the page defines your business, and talk about your products and services while providing solutions to the users’ problems.

The more you do this, the more users you get, which can then be turned into potential customers, you can also make use of that content to boost your website’s SEO for improved rankings on search engines.

3. Smooth Navigation

Just as I have mentioned above, it is an important thing to make sure your website has smooth navigation, this can help you get your business’ services and products in front of your potential customer.

A smooth navigation is like helping your business customers reach your products and services just when they need them, it’s but a map. You must note that Search engines also take navigation into consideration when ranking your website.

Smooth navigation will help you generate revenues and bring in more customers via rankings on Search engines.

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4. Set up an effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

One of the important aspects of landing sales on your business website is having a CTA set up, it can perform wonders when it comes to generating sales with users turning to potential buyers.

There are a range of ways to create CTAs including setting up a Contact Us page, a sign-up for a newsletter widget, a notification subscription, and others, this can be user-engaging when you users take action.

5. Optimize Meta Tags and Descriptions

Just with well-optimized Meta tags and descriptions you can grow your website traffic by reaching more users, tags can be concise and clear, while your description should be explanatory as it influences how your site appears in search results.

One of the advantages of a detailed description is that your site attracts more clicks than usual, and people are triggered to take action by clicking on your post link to learn more.

6. A simple, memorable domain name

Make it easier for your customers to remember your business, you can do that by choosing a simple domain name for your business website. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made, a domain name is like your brand, the more memorable the better it is for people to find it again.

Start by taking proper measures with the kind of domain name you’d like to use and then think about the domain extension (there are lots of extensions to take from) but in my opinion, it’s usually great to go after the .com cause of its popularity and ease to add value to any domain name.

If you are managing an organization or non-profit you might seek a domain extension like .org, you’ll need to decide and act based on your business type. This is one of the 10 things every small business website needs to convert well.

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7. Give access to customers to reach you

How would you know what your customers want when you don’t give them the access to reach out to you and speak their minds? Some business owners have overlooked this for a long time and are suffering the consequences of not knowing it.

One of the ways to gain the trust of your customers and reassure them is by giving them the option to contact and speak freely with you, if there are any complaints or feedback they’d sure get them to you so you can improve on them.

Start by making the Contact Us button available at the top of the homepage and the footer of every page so it can be seen and used properly, providing several options for people to contact you; live chat, contact form, social media chat, and others.

8. Invest in website security

There are always criminal-minded people looking out to explore every business website’s weakness, some business owners have been the victims of hackers and have paid dearly for it, don’t be like them, take your business website security seriously.

Make sure you take in place every means of security, start with setting up a SSL certificate to help encrypt data and ensure a secure connection between your website and your customers.

Set up a privacy policy page to inform users on how much of their data are being collected and how they are being used, it is important to gain trust.

9. Customer testimonials

One easiest ways you can gain people’s trust is by using other people who have used your products or services testimonials, this can help you secure more potential customers along the way.

Remember that people love to hear from people who have experienced something before giving out their consent to experience the same, it clears their curiosity.

10. Be present on Social Media

Having a business website is not enough if you are not engaging people to come to your hub, get your website known on social media platforms, interact with people, and show them what you do and how best you do them.

Gathering followers on social media is enough to convert them to real customers, you’ll start by showcasing your products and services via your pages and they take action by clicking to visit your website.

Make sure you use good graphics, and clear context, and be honest when presenting your business.


Growing your online business website should not be hard as long as you take the right steps, this is our reason for providing you with the 10 things every small business website needs and we hope it’ll be of great help to you in growing your business.

Do remember you need to be in search engines’ favor too, they are good sources of customers for online businesses, so make sure your SEO is rock hard. Assess your website from time to time and make sure you do your research and get mentioned by other websites creating a good relationship.

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